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2 Emerging Aesthetics: Soccer Inspiration

Discover the emerging aesthetics that have been attracting both female and male audiences in youth fashion.

The rise of sporty looks and soccer jerseys is paving the way for the interest in the related emerging aesthetic, resulting in the viralization of blokecore and blokette on social media. Read on to learn about each trend!

1.Emerging Aesthetics: Blokecore

#Blokecore went viral on TikTok in 2022. The trend remains popular, accumulating 289m views. This aesthetic has gained traction among men who love soccer and fashion, showcasing a style that merges sport with a vintage look.

How to embrace it:

  • The jersey knit in T-shirts, typical of this style, shares space with cotton knits for a more casual look.

  • Explore localized prints with large numbers and a color palette that includes red, blue and yellow.

  • Opt for round collars, ribbed V-necks or polo collars in contrast with the rest of the garment.

Wales Bonner

2. Emerging Aesthetics: Blokette

The combination of blokecore, inspired by the traditionally masculine soccer look, and coquettecore, referencing an ultra-feminine style that spotlights delicate details, results in the blokette aesthetic that has become a standout trend among influencers.

How to embrace it:

  • Opt for high-neck sports jackets, sports shirts, sports shorts and vulcanized sneakers.

  • Style with ruffled skirts, pumps and tights.

  • Unconventional and laid-back pieces such as utilitarian midiskirts and knee-length denim shorts are key.


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