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What to expect from Start by WGSN Tech Packs

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Have you ever thought about why a Tech Pack is so essential to fashion production? A Tech Pack is a key tool for your product success. It combines all the information that a manufacturer needs to produce an item, and it must contain all of the steps. This information needs to be very detailed in order to describe precisely what the product will look like.

Developing a Tech Pack will prevent many errors that tend to occur when sending designs to production, such as excess purchase of trims and materials, the production of wrong sizes, misapplication of details, and others, that will undoubtedly reduce a collection's profits.

As we know, production is one of the most critical steps for fashion businesses, and to help you succeed, we provide thousands of Tech Packs to help turn your ideas into reality.

Start by WGSN was created to help small entrepreneurs streamline their production and stay updated with timely trends. That is why we provide ready-to-use Tech Packs that will help you streamline your production process and design the right product for your consumer. You can also download them to share with your team.

Join us and start your free trial to see how you can streamline your production process with our Tech Packs.


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