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Statement Necklaces: A Key Fashion Accessory to Explore

A highlight in S/S 24, statement necklaces can also be explored for A/W 24/25.

Statement necklaces are conceptual pieces of jewelry that stand out for their maximalist design and often incorporate gemstones, distinctive metals and ornamental and eye-catching elements.

Although they reached peak popularity in the 2000s, statement necklaces continue to be key, finding their place on runways, red carpets and social media. With the resurgence of Y2K aesthetics and retro influences, large and more extravagant pieces have been drawing attention for S/S 24 and remain important for A/W 24/25.

Discover the key elements of statement necklaces below!

  • The large scale is the highlight, observed in designs with movement or structure

  • Many pieces are made of metals with silver or yellow gold plating

  • Gemstones, resins and various alternative materials are colorful, emphasizing a fun and unusual look

  • Pendants come in playful shapes, including hearts, mouths, symbols of good luck, letters, animals and flowers

  • For a more casual look, pay attention to pieces with a handmade touch and that incorporate cords, plastic beads and hand painting

S/S 24

Statement-Necklaces-Key Fashion-Accessory-to-Explore
Elisabetta Franchi
Statement-Necklaces-Key Fashion-Accessory-to-Explore
Louis Vuitton
Statement-Necklaces-Key Fashion-Accessory-to-Explore

A/W 24/25

Statement-Necklaces-Key Fashion-Accessory-to-Explore
Statement-Necklaces-Key Fashion-Accessory-to-Explore
Statement-Necklaces-Key Fashion-Accessory-to-Explore
Marco Rambaldi

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