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Statement socks for men's

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

As a consequence of social isolation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, many of the world's population is at home. It is only natural that comfortable products receive more attention, such as socks that transformed from functional products into protagonists. Unlike women's socks, men's socks do not receive significant changes in fabric and modeling. Instead, they focus more on the surface. Prints, embroidery, and mixed fibers are some of the options available for renewing these items.


For a more laid-back aesthetic, the embroidery is a key technique to update the traditional socks. The designs are classic and robust, with ribbed mesh on the calf. Color combinations can go beyond the classic ones, bringing a modern atmosphere. Opting for a logo embroidery is a direction to maintain the tradition.

Images: Adidas; H&M; Polo Ralph Lauren


Tie-dye took over social media and is now coming through into menswear. They can either be handmade, adding extra purchase appeal, or achieved through an all-over printing process. Lighter fibers give a fresh take, while the cotton taps into the commercial appeal. In this case, this pattern covers the entire hosiery.

Images: Stussy; Urban Oufitters; Strain


As we are talking about comfort, winterly styles are essential to elevating this characteristic. In these styles, textures, softness, and fabric thickness are crucial to achieving the winter look. Use ribbed details for a better fit and comfortable piece. Mixed threads create a raw aesthetic for both wool and cotton.

Images: Maggie's Organics; Ralph Lauren; Ro To To

Maggie's Organics


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