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Streetwear Influence on Tailoring

Deconstructed tailoring has been a recurring theme in women's and men's collections, especially those aimed at young people. The trend explores a more modern take on tailoring, with streetwear as a main feature. Check out how the two elements mix and which cultural elements play into this story!



Streetwear's influence on classic tailoring began to build during fashion weeks. Designers with an urban footprint drove this trend as the creative minds behind the collections of major luxury brands, such as Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton and Kim Jones at Dior. In addition, tailoring brands such as Brazil's Dod Alfaiataria have been gaining space in the market, offering relaxed pieces with a focus on streetwear.

On social media this aesthetic is defined by oversized and thrifted gender-inclusive pieces, resulting in combinations such as casual sneakers – a symbol of urban aesthetics – with straight tailored pants.

Dod Alfaiataria Louis Vuitton


The sports impact

Alongside the rise of streetwear style, sports pieces are also gaining pace as part of the look. Today, tailoring is on the scene and nods to the sport vintage aesthetic. Sports such as skateboarding and soccer embrace the look, with campaigns featuring celebrities and influencers drawing on this aesthetic that mixes streetwear with tailoring.

Examples include Ralph Lauren, which showcased a group of skaters in one of its capsule collection campaigns, and sports brands such as adidas and Nike, which invested in tailoring to create pieces with classic appeal.

Adidas Nike

Ralph Lauren

Brands and partnerships to be inspired by

As we’ve mentioned, Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones had a great influence on this trend. Meanwhile, other brands are working with creative directors and partnering with designers to introduce urban aesthetics and create contemporary tailoring. Check out:

  • US streetwear giant Supreme capitalized on this trend via two partnerships in 2022. The first was a collection with Burberry. The second, released in December, was for Dior's capsule collection entitled Dior Tears;

  • Dod Alfaiataria invested in this direction by bringing skate culture to its campaigns;

  • Welcome Sunny Garments, on the other hand, harnessed the look to bring a vintage touch to styles;

  • Finally, Pace is a brand that focuses on the contemporary man by offering utilitarian looks and partnering with major brands.

Get inspired by the images below!

Pace Welcome Sunny Garments

Dior Tears

Burberry + Supreme

Dod Alfaiataria

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