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Sustainability: highlights from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Check out the key sustainability highlights from Copenhagen Fashion Week for S/S 24.

Known for its inclusive and diverse approach, S/S 24 Copenhagen Fashion Week took place August 7-11, with a focus on showcasing emerging talents and addressing sustainability and social responsibility issues in fashion.

Sustainability remains a central pillar of the event, reflecting the region's commitment to ethical and environmental values. The organisation mandates that at least 50% of designers' collections consist of certified, reused or sustainable materials in some way. Brands have been following these rules, bringing innovation and creativity to demonstrate the possibilities of eco-friendly fashion.

Here are some sustainability standout brands from the event.

1. Ganni

  • Ganni presented leather-like pieces made from Oleatex, a material developed using waste from the olive oil industry

  • The sequins on the dresses were created in partnership with Algreen, a company that produces them using algae as a base


2. The Garment

  • The brand showcased a dyeing technique that combines organic cotton with pineapple seeds, creating colorful effects

  • It calculates the CO2 emissions of each item produced and offsets them, making its collection carbon-neutral

The Garment

3. TG Botanical

  • This brand's standout feature is the use of natural dyes

  • It has employed experimental techniques to dye fabrics with plant-based pigments obtained from flowers, onion skins, coffee beans, among others

TG Botanical

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