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Tapping into cottagecore

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The pursuit of outdoor escapism and a more simple way of living has grown significantly during the lockdowns. Seeking freedom in nature opened up an appreciation for outdoor space and local resources and has evolved the feminine aesthetic. Pretty country garden-inspired looks are on the rise, shifting into a more commercial narrative. Also known as cottagecore, this trend has grown across all globe, and it is the perfect story for the youth.

Cropped tops

The tops with smaller proportions elevate the girly and flirty feel. Go for lighter materials and neutral hues for a more commercial take or make a statement with florals. Let simple ruching details or subtle frills do the talking, adding extra purchase appeal with a soft volume.

Images: For Love and Lemons; @fiahamelijnck; @emmanuellek

Voluminous mini dress

Elements of frills and volume take the mini dress into a more theatrical feel. The cinched waist and ruffled trims are the perfect pair for a girly look while the floral prints elevate the country garden-inspired narrative.

Images: Since Then; @nycxclothes; @wuzg00d


Prints are the way to go with this aesthetic. Channel summer picnics with classic gingham and meadow flowers and go for pastel hues to elevate the cottagecore aesthetic. Opt for natural dyes and prints with botanical impressions.

Images: Studio Onyva; @justanuniform; Meadows


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