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Tech Pack: Updating the blazer

Workwear themes are on the rise, opposing to the loungewear aesthetic that was really popular during the beginning of the pandemic. As consumers are now looking to dress up with high-quality and practical clothes, workwear gains importance, but this time through a new approach. Refreshed tailoring emerges as a key trend, and the suits take the lead, echoing a more modernist atmosphere.

In this tech pack, the blazer is refreshed through the front wrap. The super simple cross buttoning gives a minimalistic twist, while the regular fit add extra purchase appeal. Here, the suggestion for fabrics is satin effect materials, crepe tailoring, or even gabardine.

Bear in mind that garments are updated continuously through time, and to deliver the right product, you need to be aware of the updates the pieces are getting. To do so, we have thousands of ready-to-use tech packs to lead you with color, materials, trims, and meaningful suggestions for your design.

Join us here and download the CAD here.


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