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Tech Pack: Updating the puff-sleeve dress

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Whether you are channeling the romantic aesthetic or a country garden-inspired feel, the puff-sleeve dress is the perfect way to access those moods with a modern take. As consumers seek comfortable pieces, correctly delivering this trendy dress will help you design the right product. Exaggerated proportions are key for a contemporary take, while floaty shapes and fluid fabrics are essential to produce comfort.

Our newest tech pack shows how to design a piece that can easily transition from day to night. The tie detail lends an air of contemporary cool, while the shorter puff-sleeve evoke the prairie feel. Linen is the fabric suggestion to bring a softer and crafted sense, while the vibrant hues elevate the summerly feel. Exaggerated volume feels just right for an ultimate impact.

Bear in mind that garments are updated continuously through time, and to deliver the right product, you need to be aware of the updates the pieces are getting. To do so, we have thousands of ready-to-use tech packs to lead you with color, materials, and trims suggestions. Join the free-trial and jump-start your collection.

Image: Start by WGSN


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