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The importance of Tech Packs for Collection Development

Beyond a document for organizing items, tech packs play a fundamental role in the design process.

Those who work in the fashion industry would have heard of tech packs, an important set of documents for collection planning. It describes all the details about a product, such as materials, colors, suppliers, quantity, prices, measurements, finishes and other essential characteristics.

In addition to allowing a more in-depth look at the details and finishes of an item – be it clothing, handbags, footwear or even jewelry – it is also a good way to communicate an idea across various departments without losing information.

What is a tech pack and why is it important?

Tech packs can inspire collections that stand out in the market, as they are present in all stages of fashion collection development.

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Developing a product without the necessary information would be chaos for a brand – just imagine how much information could be lost at each stage of the process! The main purpose of a tech pack is to gather as much information as possible about an item in one place – that is, to organize and record information.

Furthermore, tech packs help prevent mistakes and improve communication between teams, as doubts and misunderstandings can be avoided by reviewing the document during the product development process.

Benefits of Tech Packs:

  • Document essential product details: tech packs record all information about the product, ensuring it can be followed by all parties involved in the process

  • Efficient communication: they play a fundamental role in efficiently communicating the designer’s vision and model specifications to the entire production chain

  • Comprehensive product synthesis: tech packs offer a summary of the product, accompanying it from conception to final approval

  • Vectorized drawings: in addition to specifications, you can download vectorized drawings and adapt them as needed

  • Streamline production processes: they facilitate the creation of items by outlining and optimizing production processes

  • Error prevention: tech packs help prevent mistakes or losses, such as purchasing the wrong raw materials or modeling errors

  • Pricing: they assist in determining the pricing of the product, as well as material costs and return on investment

START by WGSN Tech Packs:

Access the START by WGSN platform to create tech packs from scratch or edit an existing one based on technical drawings available in our collection.

START by WGSN Tech Packs:

START by WGSN’s tech packs can be printed or saved in PDF format. Additionally, they are automatically generated in A4 size to fit standard paper sheets.

Provide a detailed description of your idea in the fields provided. The tech pack includes product description, references, collection/season, designer information, color palette and suppliers (which can be saved in your folder on the platform). You can also add an image of the technical drawing and more.

Gather all information about your collection’s production process in one place.

Explore START by WGSN for tech packs and technical drawings to optimize your deliveries and boost the success of your fashion brand. Experience the START by WGSN platform now and embark on a journey of prosperity for your fashion business.


With over 10,000 brands served, START by WGSN helps fashion businesses like yours to develop and grow.

Get access to images about upcoming trends as well as essential tools that aid in the creation and optimization of your brand.

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