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The new era of Comfort

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

In a world that increasingly demands practically, the need for comfortable clothes that could be worn outside the house was already a reality even before COVID-19 started. However, once the pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown, the comfort aesthetic was obviously boosted, with knits, sets and sweats becoming the only possible look, taking over fashion from the catwalks to our wardrobes.

Now, with the vaccination kicking off and a 'normalized' world in the horizon, what will happen to that trend?

Comfort in a post-pandemic world

With the vaccine here and the world getting back to what it was before, many wonder what will happen to this trend. Although loungewear is already showing signs of slowing down, consumer now expect everything they wear to be as comfortable as sweats - or at least, almost.

Embed it

Find new materials that can offer comfort beyond the knit set. Categories such as tailoring and denim are areas to highlight, as a lot of innovation is happening to make sure it can attend to new consumer demands. Comfort doesn't need to be appearing to the eye anymore, but it must be felt by the wearer.

Same materials, new silhouettes

Look within your product mix and find the best sellers - are they already adapted to the high demand for comfort? Using familiar shapes to the consumer in materials associated with this trend is a easy way to renovate your collection. Items such as knit bombers, padded skirts and robe-coats are examples presented in the A/W 2022 runway season.

Go Bright

Expand your colour card - neutrals are great and always a commercial option, but consumers are longing for more vivid tones as well. Update basics with a wider colour pallet - even for Winter.

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