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The new era of influencer marketing: authority figures

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Even before the pandemic outbreak, consumers were quite skeptical about influencer marketing. Fake news, homogenous posts were all over social media, and consumers were often visually fatigued. Brands were trying to navigate turbulent waters to find the right partner to engage and sell their products.

During quarantine, this scenario changed as social audiences began to look for information about topics that reflected the times and authority figures took the spotlight, shifting the perception of influencer marketing. Today, authority figures are the ones brands should be looking at to elevate their brand awareness and create meaningful content. It might seem complicated for smaller brands to find relatable partners, but following the next steps will help you navigate these waters.

Tune the narrative

People are looking to trusted changemakers for everything, from education to product recommendations, and authority figures can influence with expertise, authenticity, and values. It might seem not easy to believe that they will sell, but the trick here is to find someone that is genuinely connected to the brand and establish a long-term partnership to control the content, evolve branded storylines, and ensure sales. For smaller brands, partnering with an influencer that can provide meaningful knowledge and useful resources is vital to connect with costumers and mature the brand image.

Going beyond the fashion industry

Team with accounts that extend beyond the fashion industry to maximize your exposure. This strategy is crucial for smaller brands to find new costumers and expand their reach. Lining up with influencers that have credibility in subjects such as sustainability, wellness, art, and diversity can be an excellent example for fashion labels. But remember that it is crucial to find someone that has a narrative sympathetic to your brand's identity.

Monitoring success

These new voices are tuning into human-centric narratives, so when determining ROI, it is essential to go beyond seeing how much they sold from an ad. Aligning objects with metrics and not relying only on numbers is crucial, especially when working with authority figures; after all, they can be an excellent partner for branding.


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