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Tips to improve your research process

Creativity is essential for fashion, and innovative ideas can make your brand stand out from the crowd. But, as we know, having a fashion brand is also about selling.

Before researching references to start a collection, knowing your customer will tell you what’s going to appeal to them.

Keeping up with the behavioural shifts will also help to bring in up-to-date and relevant ideas and encourage innovation.

Looking for ideas beyond fashion can make your research more fruitful. Inspiration can come in the most unlikely forms, from architecture to movies, so thinking outside the box will be a smart way to find direction.

When designing a collection that will sell, making sure all the references are relevant and up to date can be challenging. With newness key, the research process can be exhausting, especially for small brands with little resources and a small team.

But no need to worry, that’s why we’re here. Start by WGSN was created by and for small entrepreneurs to help you follow the right direction. We deliver essential fashion intelligence with up-to-date trends emerging across the globe. We also allow you to streamline and jumpstart your collection, providing ready-to-use Tech Packs with key suggestions for your design.


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