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Trend Research: Cargo Pants

One of the biggest challenges is to define the right product mix that won't end up resulting in dead stock at the end of the season, minimizing future financial losses.

How do you decide which products will be part of your next collection? The most assertive is to understand what's going on in the industry/market, based on research from reliable sources.

And that's exactly where START by WGSN comes in to help your product development. Every season our team of global experts analyze fairs, catwalks, fashion weeks and street styles to identify trends with high commercial potential that are starting to appear in the main markets of the world.

How does that happen?

See below an example of these trends highlighted from our team and available to users much earlier as a preview of what was coming as a selling potential.

The Cargo Pants was first time pointed by us as a potential product to invest in october 2020. From this moment, our users could start to plan their next collection in advance.

Google Shopping Searches in United States for the term Cargo Pants

Google Shopping Searches in United States for the term Cargo Pants

This trend was updated also in January 2021, June and September 2022 with new references, as it was still considered a hot trend throughout the next season (and counting). The chart above shows the consumer intention of buying the fashion item, since the searches are from Google Shopping, so we can see the trend was confirmed by the retail market.

Following these highlights, your collections have a higher chance of succeeding and increasing sales rate.

START by WGSN platform

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