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Trending now: Comfort Reins

Comfort is still taking over in fashion through volume and soft materials and colors. Pillow-inspired constructions and garments that channel an at-home narrative are on the rise. A more sophisticated touch is being added to these styles for a ‘home-away’ take. Laid-back hues such as light neutrals and pastel tones are a smart way to access this aesthetic.

Lightweight Quilted Outerwear

As protection and practicality become essential for consumers, quilted details are crucial. Lightweight quilted outerwear has a minimalist feel, with a timeless take provided by softness, volume and lighter materials.

Images: Zara; Free People; Mango

Comfy Leisure

Comfy leisure is all about ease and effortlessness. Easy, versatile pieces come to the fore through lightweight materials and wider constructions. Volume is critical to elevate comfort and elegance, so look out for wide-leg trousers and oversized shirts.

Modern Clogs

Clogs are on the rise across the women’s and kids’ markets, evolving classic shapes and channeling comfort. Cozy materials are the way to tap into this trend for a more modern and at-home aesthetic.

Images: Birkenstop; Sleeper; Free People


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