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Trending Prints

Our trenspotters have selected this week, three prints that are emerging as a key direction and that can be applied into your collection this spring.

Natural Textured Prints

As consumers look for escapism in nature, textural patterns inspired by nature emerges as a key direction. Watercolour techniques and organic mark-making methods are essential to bring a more natural and dreamy atmosphere.

Trendspotter suggestion: Go for natural pigments to enhance the built-in feel of these prints. Tone-in-tone is the perfect way to bring balance, and even a more softer atmosphere.

Images: Louis Vuitton; Beaufille

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Two dimensional maxi print

The two dimensional maxi print emerges as a way to bring a more playful atmosphere to classic garments. From florals to abstract patterns, colours are essential to uplift the sensation.

Trendspotter suggestion: Itens that put the fun back into fashion will be essential as consumers will gravitate to a more playful atmosphere.

Images: Eloisa; La DoubleJ; La Marie Design

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Botanical Prints

As consumers look for a way to escape the reality brought through the lockdown, dreamy scenic prints, especially the botanicals the transport to natural destinations, emerges as a key direction to elevate the escapist mood.

Trendspotter suggestion: Inspired by the surrounding environment, these prints are applied through palette tones and earthy hues to bring a sense of calmness and also, tropicalist.

Images: Agua by Agua Bendita; Eugenia Fernandez; MALVA

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