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Trending: The Recessioncore Aesthetic

Fashion has always been influenced by major economic crises. An economic recession is predicted for the coming years, giving rise to Recessioncore – a minimalist and functional aesthetic that prioritizes quality over quantity. The pandemic has had a major impact on the economy, resulting in a crisis with signs of recovery only in 2025.

While comfort took center stage during the peak of Covid-19, the gradual return to outdoor activities saw fashion become more extravagant. Answering to the long-term impact on the economy and the possibility of a major recession in late 2023, the style reflects economic insecurity, featuring lasting pieces and the return of classics. Find out more about Recessioncore:

Fendi catwalk

1. Fashion Weeks

Basic garments are starting to gain prominence in the collections of major brands, taking inspiration from the ‘50s, ‘80s and especially the ‘90s. Recessioncore made an appearance in S/S 24 and gained popularity in A/W 23/24, when logomania gave way to plain pieces and dopamine fashion was replaced by goth and minimalism.

Alexander McQueen catwalk
Alexander McQueen
Prada catwalk
Gucci catwalk
Prada catwalk

2. Pop Culture

In pop culture, several standout moments at the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 represented this moment, including the decrease in luxury necklaces on red carpets, the decline of beauty procedures, and criticism of social class division in shows such as The White Lotus. Measured luxury and simplified aesthetics are also spotted on social media among influencers and celebrities.

Selena Gomez via Instagram
@melissabon via Instagram

3. Investing in Fashion

Invest in the quality of products and incorporate them into styling with pieces that draw on micro-trends. Neutral tones and pastel shades are essential for shoes, bags and pieces such as wide-leg jeans, tailoring sets, shirts and basic tank tops. For accessories, invest in sunglasses, leather/synthetic belts and jewelry, such as mini earrings, chains and pendants.

Versace catwalk
Prada catwalk

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