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What to consider when creating your video content strategy?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Did you know that by 2021, video content will account for 78% of the mobile data consumed?

Data obtained from a survey by E-marketer shows the importance and the impact videos have on our day-to-day life.

It is interesting to see how social media has adapted to this behavior and its tendency to open up to this format increasingly. Since 2013, for example, Instagram has been implementing and expanding features that allow users to upload videos. Currently, there are four main ways to do so, and each one of them requires a different content strategy.

Stories: a great tool to create a closer relationship with followers and start a conversation. Share the 'backstage' of your business (tell them about your work routine, who is responsible for each area, etc.) or try using the question boxes, creating polls, and using filters or gifs.

Feed posts: ideal for reinforcing the core values of your brand and company identity and bringing awareness to your products. Opt for a more inspirational content or a video targeted to promote a specific matter, such as a launching campaign, a new collection, and either your hero product.

IGTV: an excellent way of bringing new audiences and engaging the ones you already have. Since you can post longer videos, they must have a captivating narrative that holds the viewer's attention - opt for more in-depth content and sharable knowledge.

Live videos: this resource can increase followers' engagement because it allows live interaction. You can also encourage other users to join the conversation, broadening your reach, and attracting new followers. Sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences are great ways of engaging your audience.

We know that finding a balance between these four formats can be tricky, so we've set up a calendar with a month's worth of content suggestions for you to use!

Image: Video calendar

You can replicate this strategy's format for other months, addressing different topics on your IGTV and lives, for example. Whenever possible, encourage the follower interaction through questions and polls in your stories and use these resources to measure your audience's satisfaction and identify what they want to see on your profile.


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