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Why is the vintage aesthetic back?

As consumers seek items that spark nostalgia and familiarity to overcome difficult and uncertain times, retro themes are coming back strong. This direction is emerging across all segments, including kidswear.

As the interest in DIY and upcycling continues to grow, consumer nostalgia is taking over, bringing a vintage atmosphere back into fashion. Playful and colorful knitwear comes to the fore, especially for the younger generation, while retro pieces are revisited through a contemporary lens.

Trendspotter suggestion

Move away from minimalistic tones, and bring the vintage through to a preppy palette with browns and saturated reds.

The ’70s revival combines a sense of nostalgia with an atmosphere of disruption, which has been taking over in the pandemic. Think of warm colors, psychedelic prints and smartened-up styles.

Trendspotter suggestion:

Offer a new take on smartened-up looks that strikes a commercial balance between professional power-dressing and throwback style.


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