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Winter 23: How to Match Shades of Blue

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Blue is one of the main colors of the winter 2022 palette, appearing in pastel, cobalt and navy tones. In addition to being one of the most explored colors in international women's and men's fashion shows, the term "which color goes with blue" had a 70% increase in Google Trends, compared to the last year, signaling a growing interest from fashion consumers.

Many brands are using the chromatic circle to style blue tones in different color combinations. Here are three commercial ways to match this color to inspire your brand's styling:

Blue + intense colors

Complementary (orange) and analogous (purple and green) colors are interesting options for modern and impactful compositions.


Tone-on-tone styling can recreate discreet looks, especially when combining pastel blue with navy.

Azul + brown

In addition to the right combination with black, brown is a warm neutral that allows harmonic combinations with different shades of blue.

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