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World Consumer Rights Day: Powerful Strategies for a Memorable Campaign

Make Consumer Rights Day memorable with an impactful campaign

World Consumer Rights Day  emerged on March 15 1962, when then US President John F. Kennedy emphasized consumer rights in a landmark speech. These rights were later adopted as part of the United Nations Guidelines, lending legitimacy and recognition to this important celebration.

In a landscape of seasonal dates – strategic moments of the year with high shopping incidence – the audience’s focus shifts to consumption, presenting ideal opportunities to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and create impactful campaigns.

Consumer Rights Day is no exception: a date that puts the consumer in the spotlight deserves a campaign that not only grabs attention but also highlights their importance to the brand.

Check out our essential tips for your Consumer Rights Day campaign:

1. Strategic Planning in Advance

Maintaining early planning not only for Consumer Rights Day but also for other seasonal dates  is crucial. Stay aware of the retail calendar, allowing you to anticipate differentiated actions in your campaigns.

2. Special and Exclusive Pricing

Dedicate yourself to offering special discounts, flash sales, or exclusive gifts. Turn the customer into the protagonist of the day without compromising pricing standards. Pre-research ensures a profitable and positive campaign for your brand.


3. Impactful Communication

Invest in direct communication with your target audience. Schedule emails, send text messages, post countdowns on Instagram, and maintain robust communication on the date. The customer needs to feel special and recognized.


4. Customization for Emphasis

Adapt the visual identity of your social media and sales channels to create a unique atmosphere that arouses the curiosity of your customer base and followers. Customization reinforces the uniqueness of the occasion.


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