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Upcycling: Discover 3 Brands Embracing the Technique

One of the most popular strategies for reusing materials, upcycling emerged in the ’90s and has been gaining strength in recent seasons. Conscious consumers are supporting the trend, with brands also buying into the reuse strategy. According to the BBC, more people are adopting the technique to save costs due to the global economic crisis.

One of the key applications of this technique is patchwork, which is composed by unexpected mixes and bold shapes. As this style is gaining popularity, some brands have stood out for reusing fabrics in a modern and disruptive way. We highlight three must-know names for inspiration. Check them out below!

1. Collina Strada

Founded by Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada is a brand that brings value to imperfection, exploring products with a mix of materials, cutouts, asymmetries and volumes. It works in an almost artisanal way with upcycling, creating pieces from defective clothes, reused fabrics and low-impact materials. Take note of the brand’s various partnerships, including recent ones with Levi’s and Melissa.

Collina Strada Collina Strada

Collina Strada

2. Ventana

Gabrielle Pilotto, founder and creative director of Ventana, values bold fashion that showcases visible patches and seams, reworking pieces by breaking up the patterns.

The brand works exclusively with discarded materials and avoids unused raw materials, resulting in basic casualwear with standout details.

Ventana Ventana


3. Estúdio Traça

Launched in 2016 by Gui Amorim, the Brazilian brand started with denim as its main raw material but now also focuses on knitting and shirting. It invests in using reused fabrics, partnering with important names in the industry, such as Lunelli Têxtil and Cataguases, which supply certified fabrics made with conscious use of water during the manufacturing process and reuse waste and recycled materials. In Amorim's work, the attention is drawn to trims, cutouts and differentiated silhouettes through volumes, applications and unusual cuts.

Estúdio Traça Estúdio Traça

Estúdio Traça

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